Compositions & Composers

* denotes non Ark composer
Adele- The Arkette Flower (Orchid)Lorenzo Guardman
The AdvocateBillie Harris
AfrohipNate Morgan
After the StormHorace Tapscott
Aiee! The Phantom Horace Tapscott
(originally from Sweet Jesus, Preacher Man)
AkirfaLester Robertson
The Alchemy of Bobby BradfordTommy Tedesco
All About You?
All Praise Is DueBJ, Kaeef Ruzadun
All the Young and Fine MenElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
Along the Nile
Amanda’s Tone PoemHorace Tapscott
AminifuLinda Hill
Ancestral EchoesHorace Tapscott
   Songs of Songhay
   Ancestral Echoes
   Transplantation, Songs of the New World
   Ancestral Echoes
And All Stood ByElaine Brown
And We Shall Meet AgainElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
AnwarHorace Tapscott
AriesLorenzo Guardman
Arthur’s VampGary Bias
As a ChildHorace Tapscott
As Above, So Below (film score)Horace Tapscott, Lester Robertson
   Peewee’s Strut
   Waltz for Jenny / Visions of Another Time
   As a Child
   The Training Scene
As Children PlayGary Bias
As of YetArthur Blythe
AsikiGary Bias
AssassinationElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
At Peace with the MonkRoberto Miguel Miranda
At the CrossroadsHorace Tapscott
AtticaStanley Crouch
Auction BlockHorace Tapscott
Autumn ColorsHorace Tapscott
Autumn of My SoulLinda Hill
Lyrics: Linda Hill
AzarAzar Lawrence
Baba the AvatarJoel Ector
BakaiCal Massey*
Ballad for Deadwood DickHorace Tapscott
Ballad for SamuelHorace Tapscott
Lyrics: Linda Hill
Ballad for Wendell Lee BlackHorace Tapscott
Bavarian MistMichael Session
BeBe Ange?
Be CoolSamuel Browne
Lyrics: Samuel Browne
BeautifulGuido Sinclair
Beautiful Queen of the SunAbdul-Salaam Muhammad
Lyrics: Abdul-Salaam Muhammad
Bee VampBooker Little*
BelizeRickey Kelley
Bibi Mkuu: The Great Black LadyAl Hines
BijouSamuel Browne
Bird SongLinda Hill
The Black ApostlesHorace Tapscott
Black ArthurHorace Tapscott
The Black BalletHorace Tapscott
Black, Brown and Blue Eyes?
Black, Brown, and YellowGuido Sinclair
Black Woman, I Love YouNate Morgan
Black World / Revolution Call / AngelaHorace Tapscott
BlacknessGuido Sinclair
The Blessed OneLarry Muhammad Ali
Blue EssenceSamuel Browne
Blue FogRoberto Miguel Miranda
Blue GrottoSamuel Browne
Blues for AB?
Blues for Dee II?
Blues for IUCC?
Blues for Lester Robertson?
Blues for LupeBillie Harris
Blues in PirouetteHorace Tapscott
Borneo Bush NigguhLinda Hill
BouquetCurtis Clark
The Boys?
Brain DamageJames Lee
Breakfast at Bongo’sHorace Tapscott
BreezeHerbie Baker
Buckwheat and Syrup?
Buckwheat’s at the SessionKaeef Ruzadan
The ButterflyHorace Tapscott
The CallLester Robertson
Can’t Go BackElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
CapricornHerbie Baker
ChariotFuasi Adbul-Khaliq
Charles C. Parker
Chartreuse BluesHorace Tapscott
Chicago – For Bobby SealeStanley Crouch
Chico’s Back in TownHorace Tapscott
Child in the WorldElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
Child of LoveErnest Straughter
Linda Hill
ChildrenLyrics: Linda Hill
Children’s StoriesLinda Hill
   Bird Song
   Childrens Song
   Love Song
   Oziluai (Pain Song)
CircleJohn Carter
City Called Heaventraditional
ClarisseJesse Sharps
A Close Encounter of the Very Best KindPhil Ranelin
Close to FreedomCarmel Crunk
Lyrics: Carmel Crunk
Coltrane’s TrainKaeef Ruzadun
The Coming of the DomeAbdul-Salaam Muhammad
Composition TimeOscar Brown, Jr.
Cosmos ArkJames Andrews
Countless HoursFuasi Abdul-Khaliq
The Creator’s Musicians (originally The Village Musicians)Roberto Miguel Miranda
Dance Children?
Dance of the GiminiNate Morgan
Dance of the Night CreaturesThurman Green
Dance of the TakrootNate Morgan
Darius the BoldNate Morgan
The Dark TreeHorace Tapscott
Lyrics: Amina Amatullah, Linda Hill
Daughter of CochiseHorace Tapscott
The Day the Sky CriedLinda Hill
Day DreamerKamona Lawrence Polk
Lyrics: Adele Sebastian
Dear VioletGary Bias
Deborah TasminRoberto Miguel Miranda
Dee Bee’s DanceHorace Tapscott
Dem FolksLinda Hill
DeonLorenzo Guardman
Desert Fairy PrincessJesse Sharps
Dial ‘B’ for BarbraHorace Tapscott
Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?traditional
Distant VibesRickey Kelly
The DouLinda Hill
The DreamHorace Tapscott
Dream NigguhLinda Hill
A Dress for ReneeHorace Tapscott
Drunken Mary SuiteHorace Tapscott
   Sketches of Drunken Mary
   Mary on Sunday
   Mary at Sunset
E.P. (Elysian Park)Ray Straughter
East 101Gary Bias
EchoesLeon Thomas
Lyrics: Leon Thomas
EffiStanley Cowell*
Lyrics: Linda Hill
EfuruFuasi Abdul-Khaliq
ElaborationsArthur Blythe
ElsaRoberto Miguel Miranda
EmanonErnest Straughter
EmergeLester Robertson
EncouragementsKaeef Ruzadun
The End of SilenceElaine Brown
Lryics: Elaine Brown
Eternal Egypt Suite (4 parts)Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq
Evening’s Last Sun RaysCerion Middleton III
Evolution on the Life of MosesRoberto Miguel Miranda
   Nile River Chile
   Prayer for the People
   Ten Commandments
   Prayer Is Essential
Expression of a DreamJesse Sharps
Eye of the StormBobby Bradford
Fair-to-Middlin’Horace Tapscott
FaithRoberto Miguel Miranda
FatishaWill Connell
Feels Good to Feel GoodJames Lee
Fela FelaFela Kuti*, Horace Tapscott
Femme FataleBobby West
First Call of the Humming BirdHorace Tapscott
First LoveHorace Tapscott
Flashback of TimeKaeef Ruzadun
Flight 17Herbie Baker
Fly to Your Heart (Till It Sings a Song for You)Abdul-Salaam Muhammad
For J.O.B.Herbie Baker
Fo’ FatsArthur Blythe
For My Peopletradinional, Horace Tapscott
   Ancient River
   400 Years
   Strong Man
   Tell God
   For My People
For PatriceHorace Tapscott
For Reverend Edwards
ForgivingHorace Tapscott
Free at LastGuido Sinclair
Freedumb (aka Freedom)Stanley “Chico” Roberson
Free LesterWill Connell
Freedom’s SweetFreedom’s Sweet
Full HouseHorace Tapscott
Future Sally’s TimeStanley Crouch, Arthur Blythe
The GatheringErnest Straughter
Getting ReadyHorace Tapscott
Ghetto SuiteHorace Tapscott
   At the Crossroads
   Saturday’s Mourning
   Quest for Peace
   Close to Freedom
The Giant Is AwakenedHorace Tapscott
A Gift DevineKaeef Ruzadun
The Goat and Ram JamJesse Sharps
The Golden PearlHorace Tapscott
The Greater Side of the GreatestAbdul-Salaam Muhammad
The GripArthur Blythe
Hassan’s WalkDadisi Komalafe
He Left Us a SongNate Morgan
Helbie Zirone?
HerNate Morgan
The Hero’s Last DanceHorace Tapscott
Hey Black BrotherAvotcja Ackerman
Lyrics: Avotcja Ackerman
Highway FlyersKaeef Ruzadun
HoraceLinda Hill
Horacio / HoraceRoberto Miguel Miranda
Hy-Pockets’ Swan SongHorace Tapscot
I Felt SpringErnest Straughter
I Have Heard God’s CallNate Morgan
I Heard You Before You Got ThereAl Hines
I Know Who You AreElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
I Want Some WaterBillie Harris
I Wish It Could Be MeFuasi Abdul-Khaliq
I Wish You Love?
If I didn’t Feel All AloneLinda Hill
I’ll Have One When It’s OverHorace Tapscott
I’ll Keep This Evil Eye on YouSamule Browne
I’ll Wait and PrayLinda Hill
Imagined Dance for Solo Bass ImpressionsRoberto Miguel Miranda
Impressions, In & OutHorace Tapscott
Impressions of the Ghetto SuiteHorace Tapscott
   At the Crossroads
   Saturdays Mourning
   Quest for Peace
   Close to Freedom
ImpulseNate Morgan
In the Bottoms SuiteR. Nathaniel Dett*?
   His Song
   Juba Dance
In-chant-meantCharles Chandler
In Times Like TheseLester Robertson
InkataWill Connell
Inspirations of SilenceErnest Struaghter
InterpolationsRoberto Migeul Miranda
Introduction to a Dream?
Isle of CeliaHorace Tapscott
Lryics: Linda Hill
It Never Happened BeforeHorace Tapscott
J.O.B.Herbie Baker
Jamillah, My LoveAbdul-Salaam Muhammad
Jefferson Hymn?
Jenny’s Spirit’s WaltzHorace Tapscott
Jo AnnetteGuido Sinclair
JonathanElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
Journey into NigritiaNate Morgan
KashaudKaeef Ruzadun
KhartoumJames Lee
King Christophe SuiteHorace Tapscott
   The Dream
   Funeral (aka Warriors All)
   Star of the Seas
   Waltz Time
Kinji’s DanceMichael Session
Kopkee’s BluesHorace Tapscott
L.T.T.Horace Tapscott
Lae’ff (Where Ever You May Be)Ishmael Balaka
Lately’s Light-Green BluesHorace Tapscott
Lately’s SoloLester Robertson Miles Davis*
Leland’s SongLinda Hill
Lenita’s SongHorace Tapscott
Leroy BrooksGuido Sinclair
LibraBilly Boyd
Like EricLarry Muhammad Ali
LindaWill Connell
Lino’s PadHorace Tapscott
Lyrics: Linda Hill
Listen My ChildrenLinda Hill
Little A’s ChantHerbie Baker
Little AfricaLinda Hill
Lyrics: Linda Hill
A Little BabyElaine Brown
Little Boy, Why Are You CryingSamuel Browne
Long AgoHorace Tapscott
LonlinessLinda Hill
Lyrics: Linda Hill
Love in BloomHorace Tapscott
Love SongLinda Hill
Love’s VeinLinda Hill
Lucumi WomanJames Lee
Lullaby for LindaLinda Hill
Lullaby in BlackThurman Green
LumumbaHorace Tapscott
MacrameJesse Sharps
Mama BrijoSabir Mateen
Many Nights AgoCarmel Crunk
Marcellus IIIHorace Tapscott
March U A. AfricaCharles Chandler
Mass MadnessNate Morgan
Masters at WorkErnest Straughter
Maude’s MoodsHorace Tapscott
MauiKamonta Lawrence Polk
Maya and MeHorace Tapscott
McKowsky’s 1st FifthJesse Sharps
Me and Dee?
Medley – Ziroe?
The MeetingElaine Brown
MichaelLinda Hill
Middle Age MadnessHorace Tapscott
MiguelHorace Tapscott
Mike’s TuneJesse Sharps
Missing PersonsCurtis Clark
The Monk on the HillGary Bias
Monk’s DreamHorace Tapscott
Moon in Aquarius?
A Mood for JaneJesse Sharps
Moon in LeoNate Morgan
More Than Freedom?
Morning in Riverside?
Morning PrayerNate Morgan
Mosin’ Alone?
Most Beneficent Most MercifulLarry Muhammad Ali
MotherNate Morgan
Mothership (originally Be There)Horace Tapscott
Lyrics: Linda Hill
MrafuNate Morgan
My Flavor Is Vanilla (“Strange Fruit Sweet”)James Lee
My Soul SpeaksJames Lee
Nation RisingSemahi Hakim
Nature’s WishErnest Straughter
The New Day: UGMAJames Lee
New HorizonKaeef Ruzadun
Night FlightKaeef Ruzadun
No CashMichael Session
No NameWill Connell
No TimeElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
NoissessprahsSabir Mateen
North Boun’?
Not At AllCarmel Crunk
Nyja’s [Niger’s] ThemeHorace Tapscott
Lyrics: Linda Hill
Of God’s Wrath Came the Great EarthquakeLorenzo Gaurdman
Of LatelySteven Meeks
Oh TananyaLinda Hill
An Old AcquaintanceNate Morgan
One for Benny?
One for DukeGuido Sinclair
One for LatelyElaine Brown
One for O. Double ‘Ya”Roberto Miranda
One Step OutBJ, Kaeef Ruzadun
Elaine Brown
One TimeLyrics: Elaine Brown
Oziluai (Rain Song)Linda Hill
Lyrics: Linda Hill
P.A.P.A. (Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra)Lorenzo Guardman
P.C.O.P.Wilber Morris
The PantherElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
Passing Through film scoreHorace Tapscott
Peace, Love, You and MeAbdul-Salaam Muhammad
Lyrics: Abdul-Salaam Muhammad
PearlHorace Tapscott
PeasantradinkGuido Sinclair
People Like UsAl Hines
Lyics: Al Hines
Pepper’s Tune or (You Better Live Here)Linda Hill
Perfumes in the NightHorace Tapscott
Peyote Song No. IIIJesse Sharps
Piano Sonata #1Roberto Miguel Miranda
Platform for FreedomRoberto Miguel Miranda
Play – HT [full score]?
Playtude #1 to Bobby BradfordMimi Melnick, Roberto Miguel Miranda
Poem for ArkestraAl Hall, Jr.
Poppa’s Come HomeElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
Porter In & OutGuido Sinclair
Praise HimHorace Tapscott, Linda Hill
Prance DanceHerbie Baker
PrayerArthur Blythe
Prayer #1Roberto Miguel Miranda
Prayer for the PeopleRoberto Miguel Miranda
Prayer of HappinessBilly Harris
Presence of God?
The Pulse of the MindJames Lee
Pyramid of LoveAbdul-Salaam Muhammad
Quagmire Manor at Five A.M.Michael Session
Lyrics: Linda Hill
Quest for PeaceHorace Tapscott
QuestionJesse Sharps
Raisha’s New Hip DanceHorace Tapscott
RaphaelRoberto Miguel Miranda
Reflections of SelfHorace Tapscott
ReneeHorace Tapscott
Retribution ReparationNate Morgan
ResurrectionIke Williams
Riding the San AndreasHorace Tapscott
Roses in BloomHorace Tapscott
Ruzadan’s ResidenceKaeef Ruzadun
SabrosoHorace Tapscott
Saint Michael, Servant of the LordRoberto Miguel Miranda, Linda Hill
Sammali ManLinda Hill
Sandy and NilesHorace Tapscott
Lyrics: Linda Hill
Sea WifeJesse Sharps
SearchingHorace Tapscott
Seize the TimeElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
Shades of SowetoHorace Tapscott
ShadowsOscar Brown, Jr.?
ShaktiWill Connell
ShekinaNate Morgan
Short StopMichael Session
Signal Your Intent?
Sketches of Drunken MaryHorace Tapscott
Sketches of Inez?
SmoothThurman Green, Benjamin Rattley*
Soft & Furry (Fine Young Thing)Linda Hill
Somali ManLinda Hill
Song for Sandi?
Song for ShawishiJames Andrews
Song for String BassRoberto Miguel Miranda
Song of EmanonHorace Tapscott
Song of the CaterpillarD. Tapscott
Song to the AncestorsTaumbu
Songs & Dances of the Inner SelfLorenzo Gaurdman
   Incarnate Dance
   Song of Omniscience
   Diuinity Dance
   Reminiscing Song
Songs of the UnsungHorace Tapscott
Songs to the AncestorsTaumbu
Sonnet of Butterfly McQueenHorace Tapscott
Sonny’s DreamHorace Tapscott
Soul Waltz?
Sounds of YouLinda Hill
Southwestern Avenue ShuffleHorace Tapscott
SpacedHerbis Baker
Speedy MikeAl Hines
The Sphynx?
The SpiderWalter Savage
The Spirit of the DanceRoberto Miguel Miranda
The Spirit of the DrumRoberto Miguel Miranda
StacyCarmel Crunk
Stars in Light Year TimeBJ, Kaeef Ruzadun
SteamZeke Cooper
StretchLinda Hill
StringeurismsHorace Tapscott
Struggle X: An Afro-American DreamHorace Tapscott
Study in C.T.Nate Morgan
Submissive WomanLarry Muhammad-Ali
Sugar Corn for Grace?
Sunrise at MidnightCharles Chandler
Sweet Jesus, Preacher Man (film score)Horace Tapscott
   Cyrus Holmes, the Hit Man
   To the Great House (Eddie’s Theme)
   The Search
   Eli’s Death Day
   Beverly’s Love Theme
   Blues for Jason
   China Trader
   Ballad for a Hit Man
   Sweet Jesus
Swing on a LimbHorace Tapscott
Swingin’ in ExileNate Morgan
Tapscott’s ThoughtsHorace Tapscott
Take It AwayElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
Tears for SowetoNate Morgan
Tell Me Why?
Thai ForestWalter Savage
Thank You JAHMark Tyson
That Last Note?
That Ol’ Bebop RhythmRoberto Miguel Miranda
That’s MeCarmel Crunk, Linda Hill
Theme for ErnieLacey
Theme for Horace T.Gary Bias
Theme for RheaErnest Straughter
There Ain’t No RulesErnest Straughter
There’s a Chill in the AirSamule Browne
Lyrics: Samuel Browne
The Thin LineHorace Tapscott
This Is for BennyHorace Tapscott
Thought of OneCurtis Clark
Thoughts of Dar Es SalaamHorace Tapscott
Thoughts of Our TimeRay Straughter, Baba Alade
To a Little BabyElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
To DinkyGuido Sinclair
To the Great HouseHorace Tapscott
Toward the SunsetToward the Sunset
Trio SongHorace Tapscott
The TuusHorace Tapscott
TwilightLouis Spears
Two Shades of SoulHorace Tapscott
UGMAA ThemeLarry Muhammad Ali
U.G.M.A.A.gerNate Morgan
UmatuMichael Session
Unity (#1)Wendel C. Williams
Unity (#2)Kaeef Ruzadun
Until We’re FreeElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
Untombindie – the Dreaming Pricess SuiteHorace Tapscott
Up Jumped OneGuido Sinclair
Upside DownHorace Tapscott
Vanita’s SongJoel Ector
A Very Black ManElaine Brown
Lyrics: Elaine Brown
VigilanceHorace Tapscott
Village DanceSabir Mateen
Village Dance RevisitedSabir Mateen
The VisionHorace Tapscott
Visions of Another Time?
Voices from the BayouThurman Green
Voices from the BottomThurman Green
Vox PopuliHorace Tapscott
Warriors All (originally The Funeral)Horace Tapscott
Warriors MateLinda Hill
Water Hole SongLinda Hill
We Love You Albert AylerJames Andrews
We Three Kings?
We’re Moving Toward Our GoalRobbie T. Byrd
Lyrics: Robbie T. Byrd
When He Comes Your Way?
WhitLouis Spears
Why Don’t You Listen?Horace Tapscott
Lyrics: Linda Hjill
Wiletta’s WalkHorace Tapscott
Will Tune ThemeWill Connell
A Wise Man Will HearJames Lee
Wistful VistaHorace Tapscott
With Respect to MonkRoberto Miguel Miranda
WobblinLouis Spears
Women/TicketsWalter Savage
World ClassMichael Session
World Peace (With or Without PeoplesEverett Brow, Jr.
Lyrics: Everett Brown, Jr.
Yesterday’s DreamHorace Tapscott
Yesterday’s SunsetHorace Tapscott
Yeye Kufundisha Sisi Wimbu (He Left Us a Song)Nate Morgan
Yo’ ChildWalter Savage
Lyrics: Linda Hill
Your Child?