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November, 2019

The Gathering: Roots & Branches of Los Angeles Jazz documentary premiered at The Maine International Film Festival on July 16th, 2019. It featured a 95 minute edit of the film in its current state complete with interviews and performances from the 2005 recording session as well as footage from concerts the group has done in the years since, as recently as 2018 at The World Stage is Los Angeles California.

Immediately following the screening a trio of The Gathering musicians performed, featuring bandleader Jesse Sharps on Woodwinds, Peter Jacobson on cello, and Bobby West on piano. The concert featured a new piece by Bobby West written just for the show in Waterville Maine and was captured on camera in the Waterville Opera House there. We have been cutting together the footage and plan on having clips to share from the event here on the website. A short clip of the trio performing Herbert Baker’s “Prance Dance” can be seen on the film’s Facebook page at this time.

Since the premiere in Maine we have been putting the finishing touches on the film, including incorporating some art from Bongo RasStarr, the main interviewer in the film and strong contributor to the project. The film is being submitted to several relevant film festivals throughout the globe and a screening or two is planned to occur in Los Angeles in 2020, coinciding with the 15 year anniversary of The Gathering.



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